About Us

Resin tables, furnitures you can’t keep your eyes off.

We could write here about our huge experience, but what it really is?

Commitment, years of trying and lot of mistakes are what we are. It is an art of carving a wood. We do our best everyday with every single furniture we make. We are improving our work with every single Project. For you.

We are proudly to say that our products reaches all of the continents.


Every single furniture is full of our hardwork and heart. Selection of precious goods and taking care of details guarantee unbelievable final result.

For us, Its an reward for every single move with chisels.

For you, the special one. The one you won’t take your eyes off.

Michał Zieliński

Our mission

We are creating practical handiwork in times of 21st century.

Handiwork, because every single table is made as an result of handwork finished by using the chisels.

Practical, because our products are not just nice to watch. Its an functional art.

In times of 21st century, because we are creating an modern design by combine advanced resin technique of production (CNC, Waterjet) with precious kinds of wood (carefully selected wood, foam aluminium, photoluminescent powder).


Every single product is different and exceptional.

Each table its an unique piece of art.

Tables and tabletops are made with every single require of customer. We’re delivering an unusual furniture after we analize your needs and prepare needed products.

Carpentry experience make us capable of select the best kind of wood like: oak, nut, elm or naple.

We know what materials are necessary to be used to make you feel satisfied. Apart from design we are also taking care of safety. Furnitures can be placed both in the living room as well as in the office. Our products are solid and hard to broke. They’re easily able to stand for any impact and will make you feel comfortable for many years.

All of this provide that if you place the order you will receive an product just as you imagine.


Smoluchowskiego 7 st.
20-474 Lublin, Poland

Phone number: +48 661 088 383
E-mail: biuro@premiumresin.pl